Made In New Hampshire

by Adeem & DJ MF Shalem

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Jeremy Withers
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Jeremy Withers Who knew that one of the toughest MCs would come from New Hampshire? Not I, that's for sure. If this doesn't get your head nodding, you should probably have the doctor check your neck to make sure there's nothing broken in there.
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released November 13, 2012



all rights reserved


Adeem & DJ MF Shalem Keene, New Hampshire

We met at Keene High School in 1993 started making music together in 1996 and haven't stopped since.

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Track Name: Get It
1. GET IT When the east is in the house,
oh my god, danger/ y’all never heard
this kind a sound from keene new
hampshire/ where the herd follows the
flock then flops on the wager/ here,
you gotta piece, but it got fleeced by
the savior/ no doubt about it we major,
ain’t no doubt about it you minor/ find
yourself wading in water, then sinking,
drowning, kind a/ I’m a, ryu with the
defense, you all tense with the offense/
often it’s the weak feeding em with
this nonsense/ that ain’t a song, nah,
it’s a sing along for them quitters, all
bitter with no hitters/ painting pictures
with side splitters, go figure/ I’m a rip
ya from the mailbox to ya twitter/ give
you them fever blisters and then gonna
beat ya with them tongue twisters/ hey
sister, where them drugs, you got in
your back pocket?/ hey mister, where
them thugs, or whatever you call it?/
my power wow, no matter why or the
who/ brick wall, gonna get built, brick
wall get broke through/ I’d rather be 2
instead of lonely vocals, with locals/
rapping bout being loco, losing the beat
and my focal/ i ain’t for you, hell no, I
need the best me I got to offer/ I’ll bear
the beast of burden to see that money
for my daughter/ y’all oughta be used
to, this kind of approach/ i’m telling
the truth, it’s obvious that we’re dope/
hope, ain’t nothing but weapon, a lesson
that I’m stressing/ slippery slope when
you climbing them mountains by half
I ain’t wasting another minute to get it,
got it/ I ain’t wasting another minute to
get it, got me/ I ain’t wasting another
minute to get it cause it’s the critics that
did it/ waiting for another carbon copy/
I’m guessing you new or ignorant to the
fact, we blew/ the map in half with the
personification of doing you/ more than
something to do, it’s a way of life to live/
a culture that went billion miles to reach
what it did/ I’m the best at what i do,
y’all can’t front on the kid/ giving a pulse
to the dead cause y’all cant see past
your lid/ If you don’t mind your matter
rapper collarbone shatter/ don’t be the
last word in my chapter, i promise you’ll
begging to your captors/ got that ghetto
up in my blaster, running with drums,
but I bet i got faster/ i’m a mix and and
I’m the master, I’m a dolby disaster/
cut that background noise, cause you
doing nothing but chirping chatter/
slice to tatters, fatter than batter, made
up in the mold of a mad hatter/ i’m a
pastor that passed ya, headed out to
pasture/ splitting words into fractures
while they gone with the rapture/ they
grazing, misbehaving, saying hell coming
at em/ saving, themselves, playing
games, but they numbing Adam/ we
both talking that bull… but mine will
make you better/ they’ll quote me when
i’m gone, don’t forget the five letters/
You all wrong, for the part of persuasion/
You the animal left grazing/ While I’m
tasting the world and i’m telling you it’s
amazing/ I’m phasing every actor out,
making them vanish/ You looking empty
and famished, egocentric and damaged/
From this point it’s all vantage, it’s all I
can manage/ With a passion and pulpit
for this brand new language/ I ain’t
wasting another minute to get it, got it
Track Name: Good To Be Back
2. GOOD TO BE BACK first time i
ever touched the mic, it was like/
something was right on right on
right on, right on/ barely above
knee high to a dove, fairly pale
and but beastly tough/ made
a million in songs in my head
so rough/ lunchtable banging
but it’s never enough/ snuff a
motherucker going off the cuff/
i would huff and puff and and
rough them up for lunch, money/
you dumb funny, you ain’t taking
nothing from me/ we rule, right,
the fair fight, gonna be mine if
it goes down/ but these toys
bout to get drowned, if they think
they can walk around/ in my
hometown, but hey, you get far,
with a loud sound and a banged
up car/ rattling throughout the
trunk and the window/ white
trash thug with a brain so
simple/ y’all can’t rap/ and y’all
can’t shoot/ speak that with
truth with my timba boot/ get
that paper, stoke that fire/ what’s
mine is mine and what’s yours is
I’ve been gone for too damn long/
whatever doesn’t kill me, gonna
make me strong/ feels good to be
back, feels good to be back/ We
just keep it moving keep moving
it on/ I’ve been hustling through
cold and the storms/ pushing
that fire, i’ve been keeping it
warm/ feels good to be back/ We
just keep moving it on/
They say that i ain’t ready, i
said my head just heavy/ i’m
constantly complicating so get
on with it already/ steady as i
go, keep y’all on your tippy toes/
cause the hollow gonna burrow
inside ventricles/ ain’t nobody
gonna body nobody with smoke
/ I’m taking a minute to be
blunt but never to toke/ Keep
em on the heat, ugh too cold to
approach/ beat em on the beat,
but never swallow pride, you
could choke/ i’m a invoke the
spirit when i break these blokes
lyrics/ every quote i got is twice
as dope, but y’al know me when
y’all hear it/ bigger than an oak,
or the on me joke/ i’m gonna
pull the yolk and give the biggest
bull a fruckin stroke/ merk out
all these folks, an avenger with
a force field cloke/ provoke and
y’all gonna get broke then meet
the god that y’all awoke /
Track Name: All My Life
3. ALL MY LIFE Back in the day when
i was a teenager/ before i had
dreams about signing a major/
me and MF Sha had the rude boy
flavor/ lock down and now we out
on good behavior/ before i gave
up on the savior...later/ found all
my faith in my neighbor, told me i
was great than that/ back pack full,
faster as a bullet/ freestyle legend,
y’all can name it i been through it/
taught myself how run on assault
and battery/ fought the law and
won, shot the sheriff, casually/ I’m a
creep, like my head in the radio
and these beats they bang in the
belly of stereo/ All my life, i’ve been
following the dj/ playing those
records that make me feel easy/
day by day I’ve doing what he say/
never let me down, keep it coming
my way/ me and the the dj, me and
my dj/ 20 years ago i was sitting
on my front steps/ bumping bdp,
while rewinding the cassette yellow
walkman flash, made me big on set
/ yoooo, to the ladies that i ain’t
even met yet/ 15 years later now
I’m walking through the halls/ same
sony sport that I got at the mall/
bumping co flow, on a tdk blank/
vinyl to the tape deck, the volume
gonna get cranked/ singing how i’ll
slinging them tapes soon/ thinking
how i’m gonna get my diploma in
June/ then it’s off to the city, find
a cypher make a milli/ fend the
press off, silly, doing shows jump in
lilly/ 10 years ago, I was listening
to Them/ Vertex was the apex i
knew back then/ but they stopped
rhyming and forgot to dance/ kill the
b-boy stance to be so advanced/
All my life, i’ve been following the dj/
playing those records that make me
feel easy/ day by day I’ve doing what
he say/ never let me down, keep it
coming my way/ me and the the dj,
me and my dj/
5 years later, find myself in 63’/
Otis Redding was the only speaking
to me/ my music choosing to
move through new harmonies/
singing to myself till I’m ready the
way it’s gotta be/ my weapons are
the selections that i’m studying
idly/ mind straight, facing all my
problems with sobriety/ kindly,
step back, knuckles are itching to
throw/ cause I’m puzzled why the
culture stopped wanting to grow/
we rap about rap, till we rap about
nothing/ we buy those clothes till we
feel like something/ we buy those
grills cause we feel like fronting/
100 miles left y’all can catch me
running/ year ago sitting on my front
steps, listening to me rap on a beat
up cassette/ thinking how far I’ve
made it since way back when/ with
my daughter on my lap bumping
Just a friend
Track Name: Been Dead
4. BEEN DEAD One fall away, another
one takes it’s place/ No need to run
for cover, cause there aint nowhere
safe/ Tell your people, we be lethal,
better hear what I said/ You can’t
kill it homie, it’s already been dead/
It’s been dead. Y’all been dead.
my payment for playing this game,
should be those golden pawns/ the
way I make this moves for king is a
legend, gone gone/ away for 20 to
life, i got 20 on your life/ even ceelo
hate you homie, get it, no dice/
precisely, why i hate rappers who call
themselves emcee’s/ the name is
dead like the those idols you wanna
be/ it’s over from where i’m standing,
on the roof with a mini cannon/
shooting film, for the you tube to be
imagined/ captain, i think your ship is
sinking/ nah yawl tripping again, and
making excuses for dripping/ Yeah
I’ll spin into a coma, while driving a
bulldozer/ the size of california, like
your players, i’m the owner/ don’t be
alarmed, when the auto pilot kicks
in/ i need these hands to play these
drums and sharpen my weapons/
friends gather round, the enemies in
your stereo/ get em get em get em,
let them die real slow
One fall away, another one takes
it’s place/ No need to run for cover,
cause there aint nowhere safe/ Tell
your people, we be lethal, better hear
what I said/ You can’t kill it homie, it’s
already been dead/ It’s been dead.
Y’all been dead.
those sticks could start a blaze if ya’ll
played it the right way/ straight into
the future with hopes of shorter days/
my grind don’t need 24, it needs
lucky 13/ a john cash theme, spread
through my whole team/ we walk the
line, to be cliche and catchy/ Pray
that we find our june carter jacki’s/
Benjarvis with the beat, you seem
never see me fumble her/ old for my
age, like what the - is a tumblr?/ too
busy for my space, but still lazy like
a mumbler/ Still I am the best bet
right? humble huh?/ Seen enough
come and go, wasting time and
wasting flow/ dreaming like their on
a roll but they lost control/ this is
the beginning of something new/ I’m
starting to make sense, wait i ain’t
through/ the god got a dilemma,
keep it live or keep it mega/ i’m
trying to have a ball, but you devils
cut my tether/ whatever, I’m trying to
reclaim what I abandoned/ walked
away from the hustling and look what
happened/ Auto tune automatically
be turning y’all electric/ saw the
past hit the 4 track and get the exit/
the music can’t sustain because the
styles anorexic/ thinning out the herd,
because the talents so subjective/
everyone rich, but nobody debt free/
and you handing out meat so your
dogs can eat
Track Name: Right Here
5. RIGHT HERE This right here be the
new whiplash, that Kim kardash
that ya’ll want to smash this right
now be the new tao, the reason I’m
doing it, the here and the now/ You
see how I does I does it, no easy
answer, I’m smooth criminal and a
sample arranger, Cliff hanger, the twin
kicked out of the manger, acting like
somebody in a club full of strangers,
the killer with a banger, the size of
montana, live from shangra la get
you amped like Angela you love it
like shiny rocks, go dumb and keep
rolling, these lines are getting hot,
but ain’t none one of them stolen,
painting the perfect picture with the
paint i’ve been holding, acting like
we straight, but you already folding,
trying to cash in but I’m already
golden. nobody said freeze, why the
what are you posing?
this right now be the new death,
with a life worth living without a
bulletproof vest this right here be
the warning to police 2 fingers in
the air held up to say peace this
right here could be the new high
with control of your mind do it
do it right this right now be the
new theft, with a penny for your
thoughts, because it’s all you got
I aint on drugs, but i see why you
is cuz, life is a lot harder when your
sober and clean cut, so grow that
hair and play that rock music loud,
cause the sixties they all back in
style, y’all mickey mouse, house,aint
got no soul when it’s bumping, yawl
50 out the mouth, but never get
keep it one hundred, peep that script
I’m retouching, everybody got lyrics,
but it’s all about suffering wait still
buffering, hope you got the time,
because our kids depend on these
rhymes, to pay these bills, we’ve gotta
make 9 go into five, and show these
mathematicians what it means to be
live, I’m ready to be old, but i ain’t
ready to sit, too many sprits to lift and
moments I missed but now it’s about
pop culture and getting even, and
fighting y’all til I get what I believe in/
it goes boom bap boom boom
boom bap, you’re skilled in the trade
of making an old man nap i swear
i spend all of my time putting on
clinics, taking l’s for y’s and I end up
being a cynic, easy be noticed when
you the closest to gimmick, with a
dumb tattoo for every dumb minute,
i don’t pretend to get it, i don’t know
why you never edit, but you sell
a million records on somebody’s
credit suffocated yourself for some
minimum wealth, your lip synchs
sink like bricks to the bottom of hell,
but only time will tell how big my
head gonna swell looking down on
all suckas who ain’t doing so well,
a singer writes songs, a good man
rights his wrongs, i’ll do this all day
long, Shalem give me some more
drums to to snap on.
Track Name: Trapped
6. TRAPPED I used to be famous, I used
to be cool/ I used to be a giant, I used to
run the school/ I used every word that I
knew/ I bent the drums in half/ I played
the game, like them, and said don’t make
me laugh/ We used the best loops and
breaks/ We never worried about the voices
we take/ We grew up in the woods and
lakes/ Far from the city and venomous
snakes/ Made our fair share of mistakes/
But always found luck in those crates/
Cleaned my boots like I cleaned those
plates/ Struggled to find style in an all
white state/ Never hated the next man,
was always with my girl/ Got burned out
and burned down trying to give her the
world/ Took a shot when I had it/ Worried
about the wrong things/ Waited for the
right time/ Sorry that I never learned how
to sing/
Not giving up, trying to be real, when the
money don’t come, it’s hard to deal/ You’re
never gonna make it if your dreams ain’t
what you feel/ I could steal the moment
and run it back/ But I’ve gotta march on
cause I won’t be trapped/
I should have listened in class/ I could
have been something else/ But nothing
made me happier than hearing myself/
Blown out ego, overshadowed by a love for
my people/ with a flow that’s so lethal/ so
god dang evil/ we go, hard, like the world
is watching/ like stop clock ain’t stopping/
like being number 1 is the only option, like
here Sha take it from the top an…/ show
em how they shoulda rolled from first
breath/ Hold em tight they coulda told us
life wasn’t death/ Cold fem fatale, woulda
taken my heart from my chest/ What a
mess, I’m a fool for stress/ We had a good
run/ We’ve got a place in the books/ Wrote
a million verses dissing all those halfway
crooks/ Swear on my life I was never
shook/ But maybe, just maybe, I didn’t
have what it took/
Track Name: Lazy
7. LAZY You so fly/ What you go by?/ I’m a
multi-millionaire, yeah I thought so/ You so dry,
what you fall by?/ The wayside? Yeah I thought
so/ The core of your apple bottom is rotten/
You just got going, no sign of stopping/ Touch
that bubble till we get it popping/ Take stock
in the fans, they gonna give you options/ You
got that gift of sweet-talking/ You’re way into
a corporate office/ On the charts, good god,
you’re a rocket/ Too bad no one told you to
stop it/ You so high/ You smoke right?/ You
can miss me with that homie I’m straight/ You
so shy, but you a goldmine/ Nah, You don’t
understand they own every hit you make
Y’all lazy to the bones/ No good when you
are stoned/ No one ever taught you how to
rock a microphone/ Y’all lazy to the bones/
No good when you are stoned/ No one ever
taught you how to rock a microphone/
We’re just trying to cut some records, just
trying to have fun/ But you lazy all you
doing is that bare minimum/ I guess my
standards are too high/ I want my music so
fly, that it changed my mind/
It’s shame what the game has made you do/
Blame everybody else while you speaking
the truth/ Backstage your crew sounds like
the view/ Buzzed off the red bull and the
mountain dew/ But hey it’s all free, they
sponsor you/ Watch your mouth who you
think you’re talking to?/ Watch the press, yeah
right, I gotta keep my cool/ Money like this
will make you think it through/ Sitting on the
couch, trying to understand/ Why every rapper
out got a 10-step plan/ Steps 1-9 leave you
broke and blind/ But number 10 is a beast of
a different kind/ Kind of like a puppet, strung
up with duct tape and spray paint/ Looking
for the big break, from a suit or saint/ While
the dead demo, flies on the hook as bait/ A
devil in a 2 piece seals your fate/ You’re doing
great though/ Killing it so soon/ Why make
an album when you can just make itunes? Oh
no, bad news, the hard drive died/ Now we
got no proof you were ever alive/ My vinyl on
the wall is like a bar room brawl/ Feels good
when you break it out and see it strong/ Sorry
if this all of the sounds premeditated/ I waste
most of my freestyles being old and jaded/
But I am a product of the indie revolution/
mom and pop gave me the solution/ So it
makes me sick, when I see you twist your
hips/ On the tele, for somebody’s institution/ I
was there when Atmosphere took over/ When
Co Flow funcrushed your lives/ The day the
Jugganots saw those clear blue skies/ You
wouldn’t know those names/ Passing trains/
Hiphop didn’t died, it just went insane//
Now I visit it anytime I can, we talk about
our plans// To make it big one day and say,
at least we tried everything we could/ But
history shows, especially with flow, the talent
is misunderstood/ You so smart/ You got
so much heart/ What you go by?/ Emcee
waste my time/ Yeah I thought so, don’t it
always go/ Just like this when your money’s
involved/ You see what you saw, you want
it, and it’s gone/ From the song to wrong
to all the hits on your blogs/ I’m probably
overprotective/ If nothing I’m selective/ I got a
mind I speak on the record/ That’s something
you cannot question/ I appreciate when
good art is mentioned/ You’re slow, you’ve
been half stepping/ You’re a penny trying to
be Ben Franklin/ Hold your breath, your boat
is sanking/ You tried to iphone it in, but you
don’t have the bars/ I don’t need the fame
and fortune cause I’m large in my homies cars
Track Name: Made For You
8. MADE FOR YOU Come on darling let
be your man/ I promise I won’t let go of
your hand/ you know that I could be the
light in your dark/ so don’t go breaking
my, don’t you go break my heart/ It’s a
big ocean, girl, every type of fish/ I have
any one you want, do whatever you wish/
I can’t front, I can barely pay rent/ but
the little that I got is yours when your
upset/ thIs love is cliche, but its ours
to keep/ recharge when she you wanna
go to sleep/ we can dream at the same
time/ through your glass of wine/ while
I sing your name, with the kind soul that
makes you mine/ I don’t pretend to
care when you’re off on your own/ never
worried, what them do, we got an honest
home/ bigger than myself, girl you’re my
freedom/ nothing could better, ready,
come and get some/ ready where the
breeze takes, I always want more/ and
when you gone, I’m looking at the front
door/ when you walk in, my cross hit the
floor/ when I hear your voice every other
choice is a bore/
Come on darling let be your man/ I
promise I won’t let go of your hand/ you
know that i could be the light in your
dark/ so don’t go breaking my, don’t you
go break my heart/ I’m so into you, I
want to be your stars and your moon/
I know I know this much is true, I was
made to love you/
I remember seeing you in high school/
walk through the hall like heaven go
through you/ cool when you talking
like twice your age/ text book burner,
melting the words off the page/ I said
to my homie, tell me who she?/ told
me that he seen you in history/ told me
hands down, smartest girl in class/ no
way you give trouble like me a path/ but
I glanced at her, through the corridor/
she on a journey, but i’m bumping that
foreigner/ I’ve been waiting for a girl
like you/ call the coroner, something’s
wrong with my heart/ got that 8 bit beat,
banging from the start/ but apart from
these lines, I know I could shine/ If she’d
give me a minute of her studying time/
caught my eye, let me get that body/ I’m
good for you girl, the life of the party/
she felt my words, I know she could hear
it/ come on darling, jailbreak my spirit/
Come on darling let be your man/ I
promise I won’t let go of your hand/ you
know that I could be the light in your
dark/ so don’t go breaking my, don’t
you go break my heart/ I’m saying,
every boy in my class/ be giving you the
look a with debonaire flash/ tight rolled
jeans with a brand new dance/ bun
jour my love from varnet france/ she’s
so exotic gotta i’ll step up my game/
learning cursive right now so I can spell
her name/ All the firemen cant touch our
flame/ broke the law when career when
career day came/ told the cop that he
cant catch me and my dame/ 2nd grade
boys are same ol same/ first grade
fresh, got an s on my chest/ stands for
sensitive to the death, let me impress/
you got a number? let me meet them
parents/ sleep over on a weeknight? lets
do damage/ I ain’t playing, nobody can
do what I do/ truth is I never had one
birdy that flew/
Track Name: Simple
9. SIMPLE Last day that you’ll waste,
starts out with bass/ The last letter you
erase, comes face to face with the horn
of Maceo/ Parker, start your, engines
to the beat of this soul drum/ Wanna
walk away but your feet got numb/ But
now you humming like dum dum dum
dum dum/ Good lord I wish I played
an instrument/ So I could as be so
proplyphic/ As my heroes/ Who killed
your stereo till the batteries dead/ You
say it’s all in my head, but nah it’s in
what I said/ To the point, precise and
nice/ I’ve got too many words and
I think it’s my vice/ Language is my
mistress, girl/ And I’ll cheat as much
as I can/ You don’t wanna miss this, yo
Sha pull up the van/ Lets’s go/ Let’s
tour, make some Al Green/ The more
you hear the more you scream/ It’s
simple as a shotgun, when aiming it
straight/ I see my peak right now and
I know I’m on pace/ To do a hit song
once every lifetime/ Say word if you
love to rewind/ I do I do, like to feel to
feel good/ But so far all my songs have
been depressing you/ Well I’m sorry for
bringing you down/ I swear nothing but
up this time around/ I speak for the
party like the party speaks for me/ Shut
your mouth and move your feet/ I don’t
mean to be cruel, but you’re --- with the
golden rule/ Never let em shine more
than your jewels/ Trust me when I say,
you don’t need the blasé/ You need an
808 right away/
Simple as a note coming out those
strings/ I’m a hold y’all I need you doing
all sorts of things/ Y’all moving like you
want to be theme in my song/ So I’m a
talk talk talk till the feeling is gone/
Weapon of choice is the tambourine/
Hit the bell to kill, by any means/
Laser guided, internet stupid/ Making
her confide in a Sam Cooke cupid/
She’s got arrows for days, as long as
the record plays/ But I’m invested in
the way the good luck stays/ too many
seconds, Not enough firsts/ Mistakes
can break your bank for what it’s worth/
We’re upsell the product by making it
hot/ You can buy it right now, 20 bucks
a pop/ That math again, making the
dance floor shake/ Looking like that
quake the only hit I make/ But I’ve
gotta be positive, like I got lots to give/
Giving you a hit like my perogative/
Minus all the coke and tabloids/ Move
your feet like your legs are paranoid/
Running away from whatever got the
better of you/ Gunning my game at
some letters making it beautiful/ True
indeed, now I got purpose/ Making it
bright, the rest is worthless/ Saying it
right, doing y’all a service/ Lost a bet
with myself when I wrote this/ Dark
days gone now the drums got focus/
Sha always said I could be the dopest/
Now I got a buzz like a thousand
locusts/ Doing all I can before my
window closes/ smash through the
glass when my time approaches/ And
leave the dance floor looking hella
moses/ Reach for your guns and come
up all roses/ Picture perfect like the
kid got poses/ say my name to never
say it again/ Stand bright in the light of
Track Name: Sounds The Same feat. Alexandrah from S.O.S.
I’m a throw these stones/ Like I ain’t
the product of a broken home? Made
bomb, with some ink on my arm/
Truth is I got no use for the calm/
I wasn’t made to sit still, I get trill/
I was made to move bills/ Or pay
em when my people got nothing to
eat/ The truth is I’ma help y’all get
what you will/ Look, pop music love
the abuse/ Need that money like
it’s long in the tooth/ So uncouth,
and removed, got you acting dumb/
Y’all wanna rap, cause it’s so much
fun?/ Dun you ain’t raw, you ironic/
You technatronic, I’m stetsasonic/
Smooth operator, hold the crowd for
ransom/ Bored to death, nah, I keep
em Ted Danson/ Advancing my cause,
like applause/ Pushing me hard to
go sharp out my jaws/ I’m a start
pushing till I seen none at all/ Ran
through the tall and evolved from the
crawl/ Dedicated you can tell by the
ring/ I made it, drums gonna treat
me like a King/ Just for being who
I was born to be/ Let the pedestals
burn in effigy/ So we can dance on
an open grave/ No chance we can
all be saved/ From the drugs we love
to crave/ We were born the best and
brave/ Damned to demand the same
old beat/ But that ain’t the end I’m
trying to meet/ So complete this line,
let me pass the blame/ We’re are us,
never the same/
You asking me who I think should lead
the way, Cause all your heroes ain’t
got nothing to say/That game should
be ashamed of all the names that it
tamed, Cause everything sounds the
same, everything sounds the same
That ain’t progress I came
accomplished/ Everyone of y’all need
to go like congress/ I’m honestly,
killing y’all for a fee/ Pay up or get
down cause I’m starting to be/ In
tune with the bloom in a boom box
forecast/ Y’all fools making these
rules that don’t last/ I heard it fall
flat, quiet on impact/ The big bang
slang it ain’t waking the dumb cats/
You need to be fresh, you need to be
cool/ The day ain’t gonna wait for you
to be cruel/ We speak when we eat,
we live when we sleep/ And we crave
to be the baddest ones on the beat/
The streets ain’t a treat their asylum
to each/ Soldiers that’s gotta a lot of
words to teach/ So, don’t step where
it’s over your head/ Don’t swim where
the water ain’t safe to tread/ Even
the sheep know it’s gotta go where
it’s led/ Sick from the poison in the
drugs that we’re fed/ You can be the
now or the past instead/ The future
ain’t bright it’s covered in red/ Kill
em and save em, we give em love
and then hate em/ Play em fade em,
giving everyone here an ultimatum/
They step and they follow everything
verbatim/ Or I kill them, Go head
Shalem Or I kill them, Go head
Track Name: Rise
11. RISE Getting older everyday
and we still doing what we like/
All you soldiers wanna play but
chill we aint trying to fight/ We
the full moon rising over these
new hampshire skies/ We struggle
everyday but it’s the reason we
rise/ I’m always thinking about
the days that passed/ I’m always
feeling like these ways won’t last/
but something stuck from the mid
90’s in the backwoods towns/
808 sounds and those bubble
goose downs/ that’s my childhood,
I always want to get back/ up to
no good, what could be better
than that? now we grown up, worn
tough, got life stuff, no blunt puffs/
we’ve battled enough we wanna
call old age’s bluff/ I made it to
33, had a million opportunities/
but couldn’t make it work how
i thought it should be/ always
ended up short, goals half met/
probably shoulda played sports,
bled more than sweat/ lead more
than set, trends and fires alike/
but regardless of how i kicked a
ball i’m nice on the mic/ and in
spite of my examples, I ain’t trying
to settle/ cause this the only thing
gonna take me to that next level/
Getting older everyday and we still
doing what we like/ All you soldiers
wanna play but chill we aint trying
to fight/ We the full moon rising
over these new hampshire skies/
We struggle everyday but it’s the
reason we rise/ Look in the mirror
try to get yourself right/ you a
crook half way between a bark
and a bite/ look look look they
done shooting but you aint in their
sites/ crew deep like a cypher on a
saturday night/
I want to play every venue on the
road/ I wanna knock these rookies
out cold/ romantic, and simplistic,
but not really realistic/ when you
figure all the failed attempts I
had to get it/ we mighta seen our
moment, i’m pretty sure i missed
it/ all the while music’s on the pole
stripping for gimmicks/ but never
no mind, it can’t be bigger than
right here/ a minute is a lifetime
when you there ain’t nothing to
fear/ no matter what this sells, i’ve
got a vision of self/ My pain is my
experience, I feed off the wealth/
I look forward to the future when
a kid stumbles on this/ and loves
the retro sound and the echo in
the chorus/ I gave it all i could and
I couldn’t watch the music starve/
cause my fire got nothing do with
being a falling star/ I’ll shoot a
catch 22, I’ll keep on pushing it
through/ I’ll keep on doing what I
do, that’s making music for you/
Track Name: Got Me Good (live acappella)
12. GOT ME GOOD I remember, listening to de
la/ When my neighborhood couldn’t care/
What the black man did/ But I, watched every
video/ 3pm after school, vhs would go, into
my machine/ Tape my dream, being played
out by cheap budgets/ We beatboxed while
my grades would plummet/ We traveled to
the planet rock summit/ No one knew, why
I demanded blank tapes/ Those D Batteries
and all those empty milk crates/ I had paper
route and pocket cash/ Saturday mornings
put the sound on blast/ Volume 10 while
the cars passed/ Got em live as long as the
side lasts/ Public enemy, wouldn’t remember
me/ But I knew every word that Chuck D said
to me/ All the things my race had done/ I
figured every Uzi weighed a ton/ By the time I
got to Arizona, I suspected everyone/ Of being
higher class, bigots with a paid staff/ Now I
knew why Mookie through the can through
that glass/ The Injustice fits us in a curios
way/ I paid attention to everything rappers
would say/ Role models with 40 bottles,
violent problems/ Asking the shorties to call
em, and daring anybody rapper to rob em/
See while those suckaz walked like the code
of the streets didn’t apply/ TV said lean on
me, but I felt more like high school high/ Joke
on us, right? We come from small towns with
no culture/ Where rappers don’t come in this
color and if they do then they’re suckers/ Not
me though, I rode with G rap, Kane and Shan/
I dreamed of bus tickets to NYC, I had a plan/
Someday, I’m gonna be an emcee/ Then
bullone mind state swooped in and got me/
To another place, specifically, the concepts
were classic/ But it strayed away from all the
other styles I had mastered/ It didn’t make
no sense/ But that’s what was so intense/
Took me 7 listens before I considered it fresh/
After that I started messing with that pen/
Freestyling to myself while I was walking with
my friends/ We would clown about being stuck
in this backwoods jungle/ Where the fever for
hip hop kept it hard hard to be humble/
Y’all never know where the life of a man
gonna go/ Inner city got me good, but
I can hear the echo/ Of the mic check,
mic check 1, 2, 1, 2/ The culture’s for
them and it’s not for you/
I remember 8th grade, Malcolm x hat covered
my eyes/ Explaining to my family why the
white man always gonna lie/ I identified
with the color blind/ Felt I was getting mine,
quietly/ I could scream South South Bronx
without any irony/ See, in those days I never
thought I was hood/ I respected the struggle
because I knew and I understood/ The roof
over my head was a blessing and curse/ I
mean my parents were cool, but they never
saw rap coming first/ Who could blame them?
Their music was the Beatles and carpenters/
They can’t relate to all these ciphers and
mobsters/ To them sounded like some liars
and monsters/ Trying to steal their only son
from their suburban apartment/ But see
it wasn’t just that, it was bigger than white
fear/ Cause all my peers just wanted to play
sports and drank beer/ Never gave thought to
question why they’re here/ I took it personal
like I was getting threats from premier/
There was more to discover, in the core of
the mother ship/ Where Mecca and the soul
brother was the ultimate/ Before mischief was
dj exit and sha wrote someone/ Dpk was the
crew that held your Walkman for ransom/ Then
when I was 16 I realized I could this/ Gotta
run it back, cause these girls are simalak/
Nobody wanna feel the heat when I hit the
track/ I’m a smack you twice like I’m trying
to play the role of jack jack jack/ Before the
wedding ring and car payment/ Interest in my
bank statement/ Middle finger up no time to
be complacent/ Before the idea of identity,
Jb’s had the remedy/ Hiphop was my life for
better or calamity/ Now I’m a tell you why it
spoke to a white kid like me/ Cause It’s ain’t
where you’re at it’s who you want to be